Here's an infrequently updated page full of embarrasing and useless web-apps. The only really useful one is my Apache virtualhost generator.

Index of Projects

  • ThunderLake — Ongoing, BETA — A simple Wordpress theme that, one day, hopefully, this site will run on!
  • Ever Feel Useless? — Feeling useless? Take a look at this project and it'll instantly make you feel far less useless.
  • Making A Cheap CDN with Cloudflare — A tutorial for making a super-cheap content delivery network using Cloudflare.
  • Christmasify Your Site — A banner that automatically pops up on Christmas day.
  • Simple IP — Simple IP shows you your IP address. That's it.
  • Apache VirtualHost Generator — Probably one of the most useful things I've made, you just enter a server name and path and it spits out a VirtualHost!
  • — It does what it says on the tin: tells you if it's Christmas in the UK.
  • JBSN Digital Services — A project run by me that used to make websites.

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