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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy and cookie policy for Jacob Sammon's website. It governs, not exclusively, the following domains, and subdomains: jacob-sa.net, www.jacob-sa.net, jacobsammon.com, www.jacobsammon.com.

As a general rule, I avoid collecting data and respect your privacy.


I host and manage my own analytics: Sammon Cloud Analytics, this offers a compromise between privacy and functionality, as I still get all the benefits of analytics, and you don't hand over your data autonomy to a company.

Sammon Cloud Analytics' data is stored within the European Union, in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is accessed from within the UK.

Analytics allow me to improve our website and see if we need to scale up hardware. To do this, I collect the following data:

Your Data

While I collect no user data along the lines of email addresses, phone numbers, or names, I do collect some information from analytics (see above). This information doesn't include any personally identifiable details of yours, but nontheless, I vow never to sell your data to any third-parties.


Cookies are strings of text, stored on your computer, that websites use to save user preferences, among other things.

My websites use cookies for the following purposes (see below):


My analytics system, Sammon Cloud Analytics, places several cookies on your computer, all starting in _pk_.

Message Acceptance

One cookie, CookieLover, is created so our cookie acceptance message isn't shown to users who've already accepted it.

Links to External Sites

I, Jacob Sammon, accept no responsibility for the content of external sites, even when these are linked to. Please see these websites' own privacy policies; this one does not apply.

Changes to this Policy

This policy may be changed at any time, without notice. From the point that the policy is changed, that revision applies.


The data controller, Jacob Sammon, is contactable by email at legal@sammonprojects.eml.pm, or by telephone at 0114 386 9115 (UK format) / +44 114 386 9115 (international format). Contacting us by email is far more reliable, telephone lines may be closed - please leave a voicemail including your email address in this event.

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Last updated: 30 May, 2021