Installation Guide

This guide is designed to show you through the already simple installation process!

  1. Download MoiSite (.zip) from the MoiSite website
  2. Unzip this file into your public_html or other website directory
  3. Navigate to the place that you unzipped MoiSite; it should redirect you to makemoisite.php
  4. Fill in the form, any field can be left blank, then hit 'Generate MoiSite'
  5. Navigate to your installation directory again, check that makemoisite.php has been deleted, this should've happened automatically
  6. Voila! Your website exists.

A common issue is that users get an error after hitting 'Generate MoiSite', this is caused by a server misconfiguration that doesn't grant your PHP user privledges to write to files. Contact your hosting provider, or, if you have enough technical know-how, make your own manual config.php file, using the config.php documentation as a reference.