MoiSite is a platform built to generate you a responsive and lightweight personal-website in seconds.

As of 3 March, 2021, MoiSite is no longer supported. Security updates, fixes, etc are no longer published. This code is now licenced under the GPL-3.0 License.

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Latest Version: 0.0.3, BETA

MoiSite is available on GitHub:

A full installation guide is available in MoiSite documentation.

About MoiSite

Jacob Sammon is the developer of MoiSite. Jacob believes that everyone, within reason, should have their own website. Jacob made the MoiSite platform to help people quickly make a site that is so lightweight that it can be hosted free of charge.

MoiSite its self is based on Bootstrap 5, BETA. It uses the Bootstrap CDN and JQuery CDN to keep the website's total size under a megabyte, in many cases.


All documentation is hosted on my server, on this webserver at /moisite/docs/. The process of documenting MoiSite is very much ongoing.


If you need support, please open an issue through GitHub.


You can view a live demo of version 0.0.3, BETA online.

Latest News

The best source to find the latest MoiSite news is by RSS or our webpage.