JBSN Digital Services is a project run by me that develops websites and webapps.

However, the modern day necessity for JBSN Digital Services is next to none. I have integrated most of everything from JBSN’s former website over to JBSN’s new webpage. JBSN only really lives on as a website creation project (most websites made by JBSN have JBSN logo in the HTML comments) and an email address or two.

If you’re a non-profit and are looking for a website, JBSN Digital Services may be able to build you one free of charge! If you’re interested, send an email to charity@jbsn.uk.

Send an email to JBSN Digital Services: enquiries@jbsn.uk.

If you're looking for an version of the old website the domain jbsn.uk once held, you can see an archived version.

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