Lynx: a Terminal Web-Browser

I’m not sure what I should call this, but recently I came across Lynx, and thought it was pretty decent software.

Lynx is a terminal based web-browser, that is surprisingly usable(ish)! I managed to do a lot of my day-to-day tasks using Lynx (reading Wikipedia, blogs, searching with Qwant), and now I think about it, maybe I should write the rest of this post in it – let’s try that!

Sadly, no such luck. I could probably write the post by installing the Classic Editor Plugin or by editing the database itself with some JavaScript-less web-app, but that’s too much effort.

If you’re looking to tinker with Lynx, here’s a list of sites that work:

  • Google (
  • Qwant Lite (
  • CNN Lite (
  • Wikipedia – redirects to ‘alternative Wikipedia’ (
  • Jacob Sammon (
  • Unfathomable (


All in, it’s an interesting piece of software and a bit of fun to play around with. I’m not sure how useful this’d be day-to-day, because sites like YouTube certainly don’t work.

Lynx’s biggest flaw is its lack of JavaScript, it renders so much of the web futile.

Realistically, Lynx is designed to be used by a small group of geeks whom are very big on privacy; gives Lynx a rating of ‘not spyware’ – which is always nice.

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