A Quick Note on ccTLDs

In a previous blog post, I talked about how hard it was to get a good domain and how stupid it was that gTLDs like .creditcard now exists.

My friend Hayden posted a comment on that post about ccTLDs and how some smaller countries allow registrations across the world, eg .io, .cc, .pw, .tv.

A few days after that post, I registered two domains with the .pm ccTLD: salut.pm and eml.pm.

.pm is the ccTLD for a small island near Canada that is a French ‘oversees territory’. All citizens of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland are allowed to register these, although the Australian government managed to register aus.pm and, shockingly, Australia is not in the EU – this leads me to think that the registration rules aren’t really enforced.

My domains costed £8.50 from OVH using he .pm ccTLD, but smaller islands often have massive renewal costs – we’re talking £40 for .io or .tv.

Whilst ccTLDs can be attractive, you must remember the massive risk that comes with setting yourself up with one. Research the country – check it’s stable. Also aim to go for a democratic country. Countries such as Libya who own .ly have been known to take domains down that do not follow their strict laws on, for example, homosexuality.

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