Get Rid of Your Landline!

Landline phones are old, expensive and low quality. But, I have a solution – sipgate!

Landlines are, to put it mildly, bad. They’re expensive, old, not really used and just a big fuss. But, there is a solution — sipgate.

Simply put, sipgate will give you a UK landline number that you can receive calls on for free, or make calls at a cost – on a pay as you go basis.

Sipgate uses VoIP, a technology used by many businesses, it basically gives you a phone service that, to the end user, operates identically to a landline service. You can make and receive calls, take and listen to voicemail messages and even make and receive text messages!

Half way through writing this post, I’ve realised there isn’t much to say. But, if you don’t use your landline that much or just want a different number (you can pick from any UK code), sipgate is a great option.

For my phone, I use a Cisco SPAA504G, which was £10 from eBay (used). It all works great, and my public number (0114 386 3417)!

This is my sipgate ran VoIP phone.