ICANN, Ban Domain Parking & Premium Domains!

Please can we end domain parking and premium domains?? ICANN, step up and sort it out!

Domain Parking

Okay, okay, okay. Everyone (a select group of geeks) knows the pain of trying to register a domain… that’s parked. You try to buy it with GoDaddy or namecheap, and it’s taken – so you visit the site, and low and behold it’s a page full of ad’s with an email/form/phone number asking for thousands of dollars.

Seriously, can we end this? I know we can’t rEaLlY because of internet freedom and the very nature of the internet; but it’s just so god damn annoying!

Premium Domains

Now onto premium domains, these are usually short or catchy and unregistered, yet they cost thousands of dollars (I’ve seen some go for $40,000 before)! You end up having to extend the name – damaging brand identity, register a similar domain with a different TLD (e.g .xyz or .blog) or actually paying the ridiculous sum of money!

Now, ICANN could probably actually regulate this, but they’re just as bad (or at-least the UK equivalent NOMINET is). NOMINET held auctions of domain names, luckily NOMINET is non-profit and donated all of the money to charity but it’s still a pain in the arse.

Anyway, that’s it. Rant over. If you know a work around to any of this, do send me an email – jacob@jacobsammon.com.