I'm Jacob Sammon. I write code, tinker with servers, and do other stuff on the internet.

About Me

I have a passion for free and open-source software, and enjoy working on and bettering community projects.

I write code mainly in Python and PHP, though I'm expanding my knowledge with both languages!

I work a lot with servers, previously more Windows Server, now more Ubuntu server. In the past, I've run a domain, IIS server, a VPN, remote desktop services server, and much more on Windows, on the Ubuntu side, I have/do run cloud-storage services, Apache servers, DNS servers (BIND), a VPN (Pritunl), email servers (previously MailCow, now a custom system), plus a lot more stuff.

I run a blog called Unfathomable, which I usually post on a few-times per month.

I live in a village of < 1,000 people, somewhat close to Sheffield.

I'm @jacobsammon on GitHub, my Twitter is @ja_sammon, and my blog RSS feed is available here .


There's not a lot here yet! But some of my work can be seen below.

TreeTopHost's Website
TreeTopHost's Website

TreeTopHost is a website-hosting platform that specialises in cloud computing.

In January 2021, I created TreeTopHost their main website, using Bootstrap 4.5, PHP, HTML, and CSS.

The website has a stunningly modern design, with elements that expand on hover, a sticky nav-bar and footer, a wide-range of fonts, a mix of colours that work well across the theme, and countless other features.

Take a look

You can view the website at the point I developed it on the JBSN Network's Public Content system (JBSN PAC), or you can view their live site - do note that TreeTopHost may have changed anything and/or everything about the theme, so this isn't recommended.

The TreeTopHost website is fast and modern. Its colours blend with the company colors, and it was produced within a timely manner.

Hayden, CEO, TreeTopNetwork


  • Apache VirtualHost Generator — Just generates a VirtualHost for use on Apache2
  • Domain Booklet — A complilation of most TLDs in one booklet
  • REODS — Really Easy Open Debian Software sets up a clean Debian install to be a usable daily machine
  • Bootstrap Cookie Notice — A little bit of code to show visitors of a Bootstrap site a cookie notice
  • Free Bootstrap Templates — Just some templates I've created using the Bootstrap framework
  • MoiSite — A platform to generate a single-page personal website in seconds (no longer supported)
  • Ever Feel Useless? — My first JavaScript project, it just picks a stupid thing from a variable and shows you it
  • Impractical Python — A web-version of all the code found in the book Impractical Python

Looking for something that's not on this list? You may want to try looking on my GitHub.